Permanent tax advisory services

We will reply to all of your tax enquiries on a regular basis. How can we help you more precisely?

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Ad hoc tax advisory services

In fact, not every company needs permanent tax advisory services. In many situations, however, our professionals’ ad hoc support may be necessary. How can you use such support?

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Tax audit

Every tax audit, if carried out professionally, has a number of advantages. One of them is making sure that the Company’s tax settlements are appropriate. How can we conduct a tax audit for you?

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Dedicated training programmes

In case you wish to broaden your knowledge, gain some new practical skills related to tax settlements, or find out more about the latest changes in tax legislation, we can arrange a dedicated training programme for you.

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Tax risk management

Due to ever changing tax regulations, it becomes increasingly difficult to keep pace with new tax obligations.

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Business support: Ukraine Point

The situation in Ukraine, and consequently the business climate and legislation, are changing dynamically. It is worth being aware of all these changes in order to successfully implement business activities on the Ukrainian market. We offer our support in this direction.

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Permanent tax advisory services          Send Inquiry

We will support you in your day-to-day business. We will reply to all of your tax enquiries promptly and accurately, so that you can improve your Company’s day-to-day business and run it safely in compliance with latest tax regulations. So what can we guarantee to you as part of our permanent tax advisory services?

  • our ongoing support will be provided to you by our tax advisors with about a dozen years of experience, who will assist you in your everyday business routine. We will offer you reliable answers at the stage of our telephone conversation, and then, within 3 working days at the latest, we will e-mail to you our practical advice which will be formulated in an easy-to-understand manner,
  • comprehensive tax advisory support, including such activities as, e.g.: compiling tax opinions, writing motions to issue individual interpretations, tax settlement letters, and works in the area of transfer pricing or support in tax investigations,
  • you can obtain our consultation and support services in legal and accounting issues as well,
  • free-of-charge initial tax audit at the beginning of our co-operation,
  • free-of-charge meeting held once in every six months – we will visit you so that we can discuss the most significant issues together.

The monthly pool of our advisory service hours will always be agreed together with you, as we do care for your comfort and customised approach to our common business. Moreover, in case you fail to fully use our consultation time that has been planned for a given month, you will be free to use it in the successive months without any limitations.


Step 1

You send us your enquiry by e-mail or phone.

Step 2

We immediately confirm that we have received your enquiry, we provide an initial advice to you, and, in case the matter is more complicated, we inform you when our reply will be ready (it will never be longer than 3 days).

Step 3

We carefully examine your issue by reviewing relative regulations, the latest judicial decisions and interpretations of them, we consult representatives of state authorities, and we prepare our reply for you.

Step 4

Within 3 days at the latest, we e-mail to you our reply or a written confirmation of the advice we have provided to you earlier during our telephone conversation.

Ad hoc tax advisory services          Send Inquiry

We will be available for you in all tax matters you can encounter in your everyday business. Our cooperation model will each time be individually adjusted to your unique needs and to the problem that you have mentioned in your enquiry. We will make sure that our support is as comprehensive and practical as possible. As part of our ad hoc tax advisory services, our experienced tax advisors can compile for you, e.g.:

  • tax opinions,
  • motions to issue individual interpretations,
  • letters required in tax and court proceedings (complaints, appeals, and the like).

The basic difference between ad hoc and permanent tax advisory services lies in a different model of cooperation. In case of ad hoc advisory services, either a fixed budget is agreed between you and us for some determined activities (e.g. compiling tax opinions), or you pay us for our professionals’ actual working hours in a given month according to the previously agreed hourly rate. In this case, our advisory services cause no permanent financial obligation for you.


Step 1

You send your enquiry to us by e-mail or phone.

Step 2

We confirm that we have received your enquiry, we make sure that we clearly understand your needs, and we present to you our offer that comprises the scope of our ad hoc tax advisory service, which we can perform for you in reply to your enquiry. We also define the time that is required to perform it, and the cost thereof.

Step 3

As soon as our cooperation terms and conditions are agreed, we carefully examine your enquiry, we juxtapose its subject with the currently binding legal regulations and judicial decisions, and we consult proper institutions, if required. Then, based on the above, we prepare an advisory consultation or an appropriate document for you in the form of a tax opinion, motion or some other type of an official letter.

Step 4

We forward the results of our work to you, and we discuss the particular issues at our meeting or teleconference, if required.

Tax audit          Send Inquiry

By performing a tax audit at your Company, we can identify the risks, if any, and tax optimisation areas. In this way, we are able not only to detect any irregularities or tax arrears but also to improve your cash-flows, or to indicate any possible savings or overpayments for you. As a result of tax audit, many of our Customers also managed to simplify their tax settlements and to shorten the time required to compile their tax returns. In particular, our tax audits will cover:

  • analysis of your key issues that you have highlighted for us,
  • regular purchase and sales transactions concluded within the basic line of your Company’s business,
  • review of non-regular transactions,
  • regular CIT and VAT issues.

Our tax audit’s extent and form will be each time individually adjusted to your own requirements. We can perform it for you in one of the following variants:

  • a full tax audit, which covers comprehensive review of your tax settlements based upon a broad sample of supporting documents;
  • a quick scan, which is concentrated on identifying your key risks or some specific areas indicated by you (for instance, the way your VAT settlements should be conducted according to new regulations). Such a quick scan is carried out for those Customers who have no time or budget for the full tax audit.

Step 1

As soon as we agree upon our cooperation terms and conditions, we send a tax questionnaire and a list of required documents to you.

Step 2

We carefully examine the materials you have delivered to us.

Step 3

Part of our tax audit is conducted at your business office. During the visit, we analyse samples of documents that you have prepared for us in advance (accounting documents, accounts, contracts, statements, and the like), and we also talk to the people who run your books. We analyse all the collected materials, and then we prepare a report that contains a summary of our conclusions for the entire review as well as our recommendations.

Step 4

We discuss the results of such a tax audit with you at a meeting held at your business office.

Dedicated training programmes          Send Inquiry

Each of our training programmes is customised according to your unique needs, and it is conducted by an instructor or instructors with many years of hands-on business experience. Training topics may include some more regular issues, such as, for instance, general changes in tax regulations, but also any tax legislation issues that are specific to your own Company. Our training programmes are interactive and arranged in the form of workshops. We present to you the most significant information and applicable regulations, and then we analyse and discuss them together. When the workshop is over, you receive from us a written summary of the selected issues that have been discussed at the training, which is prepared in a transparent and useful manner. Individually, we can agree on not only the scope of topics of our training programme but also its duration, time, cost and location – it can be held both at your business office or ours.


Step 1

We fix the scope of topics of the training programme and the usual organisational matters together with you.

Step 2

We prepare and provide you with a list of issues that we recommend to be discussed. If required, you may add some issues that are of special importance for you to the agenda of the training programme.

Step 3

Taking account of the matters you have specified to us, we develop a detailed scenario of the training programme and we prepare ourselves for it.

Step 4

We discuss the tax audit results with you during our meeting at your business office.

Tax risk management          Send Inquiry

Due to ever changing tax regulations, it becomes increasingly difficult to keep pace with new tax obligations. Nevertheless, appropriate adaptation to these changes is extremely important for any company, because it may affect the company’s tax risk level, which may be connected with wrong implementation of regulations, failure to meet its tax obligations, or mistaken understatement of its tax liability, resulting in penal sanction being imposed upon it, e.g. necessity to pay interests or penalties that are envisaged in the Fiscal Penal Code (KKS).

New regulations result in new responsibilities. Therefore, it becomes a priority to provide tax security both for the company and its Management Officers, at the same time it is also a challenge. Due to great number and high complexity level of the latest changes in tax regulations, tax risk minimisation should be based on specialised expertise and experience. We will be willing to assist you in maximising your Company’s tax security level in a number of areas, such as, e.g.:

  • Implementation of MDR procedures,
  • MDR tax audits,
  • VAT-based supplier verification procedures,
  • Corporate entities’ responsibilities,
  • Responsibilities resulting from KKS [Polish Treasury Penal Code].


Business support: Ukraine Point

Working with Ukrainian contractors, starting or developing a business in Ukraine today more than ever requires appropriate professional support. The situation in Ukraine, and consequently the business climate and legislation, are changing dynamically. Various investment projects are being implemented, 'preferential' tax regimes are in place and changing.

It is worth being aware of all these changes in order to properly plan your business activities in the Ukrainian market and then successfully implement them. We offer our support in this direction.


How can we help?         Send Inquiry

Advice on legal and tax issues.

We will help you understand the legal requirements for cooperation with Ukrainian contractors and the rules for doing business in Ukraine. We will provide recommendations taking into account the current legislation, as well as the practice of state bodies.

Support in establishing a business in Ukraine.

We will help you choose the optimal business model for doing business in Ukraine, in particular, we will provide legal support in the procedures for registration of companies in Ukraine or business restructuring.

Support in conducting business in Ukraine.

We will help you overcome current business challenges. Among other things, we offer legal support during relations with contractors, representation of your interests before state authorities and support in litigation.

Who do we work with?

To provide the support described above, we have an attorney from Ukraine, Tetiana Startseva, on our team.
We also cooperate with the Kiev-based law firm "Deshunin and Partners".